Individual Testimonials

When Tommy began working with our family I was burned out. My child had been in numerous fights at school and in the neighborhood. His grades were so poor I was embarrassed to attend parent teacher conferences. He had several school suspensions and problems with stealing. Once Tommy began working with him one to one and meeting with our family everything began to change. The calls from school stopped. My son started to pass his classes. My son changed so much for the better I could not believe he was the same person. As  an African American woman and single mom, having my family in counseling was new to me. It had never been done in my family. But now that everyone has seen such a dramatic change in my son everyone has been asking how they can get a counselor. Myself and my son's brothers and sisters thank god for Tommy.  I highly recommend him if your having any type of problem that is causing you to feel stressed out. ~J


It's nice because Tommy allows me to talk,  he's empathetic. He has a deep understanding of where I'm coming from. I trust that my life story won't be shared with others. I just feel safe and comfortable with Tommy which is very important to me.  ~T


Tommy helped us save our marriage. When we first reached out to him, my bags literally were packed. My husband and I had been fighting and bickering over the same things leaving me angry and tired. Our communication was beyond broken down. We were no longer loving towards each other and our bedroom life had fizzled out months prior. I told my husband, "either we get help or I'll be seeing you court". The following day when I got home from work, my husband told me that he had found the therapist for us. He then pulled up Tommy's website on our computer. When I saw Tommy's picture and read about his approach to helping people, I agreed with my husband. To agree was something that we hadn't done in a very long time prior to therapy. To me, this was a sign. When we met with Tommy for the very 1st time, he listened intently. Not to just me but to my husband too. He did not choose sides which was important to us. He was warm and sincere. He has this way about him. He's very down to earth and non-judgmental. I kid you not, my husband and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel after just a few visits. After a few more short weeks, the arguing lessened and simultaneously we began enjoying time with each other. Eventually, we fell in love again. I feel like a young college girl in love again. We do things for each other just because we know that it makes the other one happy. Tommy showed us how to communicate in a healthy way. Our marriage is the best that it has ever been. I can honestly say that coming to marriage counseling has saved our marriage and we are emotionally healthier as a result. Thank you Tommy B :)
  ~The R's